Erotica, freebie friday

Freebie Friday 1/26

Daisy has to make a choice: let the boys of the office do what they want with her, or walk away from the promotion she deserves

This sexy workplace menage is guaranteed to leave you satisfied! If you love ambitious women, sexual humiliation, or simply the idea of having your body worshipped by six hungry men, you won’t want to miss this hot read!

See what other readers love about this book:

“What a story!! OMG… breathtaking, hot and very heavy. Not what I was expecting but maybe better. Loved the end.”

OMG! What a read. This author writes this genre very well.”

“This is an incredibly hot story about the only woman in an all male company who seems to be the only one not being promoted. When one more man is promoted ahead of her, it becomes too much. What follows is a true test of her loyalty to the company. Will she get the promotion? No spoilers here! The book comes with a surprise ending that will have you laughing. I highly recommend this story and this author to readers of erotic romance. Be aware that this is an extremely graphic story, so you may not want to read this one at the dentist’s office. :D”


Free today (1/26) for Kindle

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Get your copy today!!!!

Excerpt: Corporate Ladder



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