This winter, I’ve been given the gift of time. After many years of school and work, and blah and blah, I’ve got a lull – an approximately six-month lull – before moving on to the next, even busier, stage of my career.

I didn’t get to this lull until about a month after my friends. While I was pushing through just one more rotation, my friends were done. I was envious – but also frustrated, because they kept telling me that they were ‘bored.’ “I would LOVE to be bored,” I’d reply, before falling asleep on top of my phone. But I couldn’t understand how any of us could be bored. Weren’t we all exhausted? I remember taking two weeks off between quitting my job and starting school. I thought that would be the perfect amount of time, because I did think that with any more time, I’d become bored.

That was a load of crap. The two weeks FLEW by. By the end I would have gladly taken an entire school summer vacation off (something I haven’t done since early in high school…because I didn’t like being bored!).

So I hoped to use my time to relax, beginning with two months in a row, I’d get to really luxuriate in my freedom. My main goal was to not feel tired.

My second goal was to get back into exercising. It had been two years since I’d trained for and completed a half-marathon, and I essentially hadn’t run since. My folks had just moved to sunny Arizona, and I was excited to be able to run in the warm winter weather.

That was it. Those were my two goals. Unfortunately I didn’t stop there.

As soon as I had enough time to breathe, I remembered some more goals that I’d been putting off accomplishing until I had this break. The most important goal was to travel to Europe with my friend. She and I had studied abroad in Spain together and we’d always talked about going back. But I’d always postponed it, saying that I didn’t have money (true) or time (also true, with some exceptions). She didn’t even believe me anymore when I’d talk about going to Europe. This time, however, I was serious. I’d known for years that I would have this down time, and I’d had all these years to solidify the idea in my mind. I didn’t have


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