Deals, Erotica

Valentine’s Week Deals – 2/13

CLASSIC doctor/patient smut!!! There’s a reason this book is one of my best sellers.

Amelia returns to Dr. Velez hoping to leave her appointment as satisfied as the last time. Luckily for her, Dr. Velez has even more in store for her this time around…

“Sara Bee is already becoming one of my favorite authors – discovering her has been an excellent Christmas gift to myself! This installment does not disappoint, and may be even hotter than the last one!” – Amazon reviewer

Read it and loved it? Make sure you’ve also read the first book in the series: Doctor’s Orders 

When is it appropriate to read this book?

  • On the train
  • At any doctor’s office EXCEPT the gynecologist’s
  • Book club
  • Sex dungeon
  • On a plane
  • In the bath
  • Home for Memorial Day
  • Before taking the MCAT
  • After taking USMLE 1
  • The gynecologist’s



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