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Valentine’s Week Deal – 2/15!

Valentine’s Day is almost over – but the deals keep coming!

Guess what readers? It’s another KINDLE COUNTDOWN DEAL!!! This time, for a story about a different holiday.

Lisa Vaughn has had a crappy month, and the cherry on top is that she’s stuck in the hospital, alone, on Christmas. The one and only silver lining she can find is that her doctor is smoking hot, even if he won’t stop ordering her to do as he says. 

Matthew Weiss is a busy trauma surgeon who keeps getting paged to evaluate this one patient who has a smart mouth. A sharp, sarcastic, smart mouth…that for some reason he can’t stop staring at. Oh, yes, there are a few things he could imagine doing with that mouth…

(And yes, the photo is a joke. I’m writing this at 2:30 in the morning before I leave for a month, my sense of humor is on fire rn)

See for yourself why other readers love this story:

“This was a smoking hot little read and I really liked it and am looking forward to reading more from Sara in the future.When Lisa is rear-ended she ends up stuck in the hospital for Xmas, Matthew is a trauma surgeon and is on call when Lisa vitals go nuts he is called to take care of her.They have tons of chemistry and that makes for a really steamy read” – Amazon reviewer

This deal will last until 2/17 but the price will go up – get your copy today!!!!

You need this book if:

  • You’re a patient in the hospital
  • You’re the friend/family of a patient in the hospital
  • You’re a doctor/nurse/tech/SW/CM/… and you’ve had a frustrating patient before (so that’s literally all healthcare workers all the time in the world)
  • You wish it was Christmas
  • You’ve struck your head and believe that it IS Christmas
  • You like to read about people having sex

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