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Valentine’s Week AND Freebie Friday 2/16

Rounding out the end of my Valentine’s Week specials is Flash Photography!

When Chelsea is locked out of her house naked, it’s her annoying neighbor Derek to the rescue. She’s less than thrilled to spend the day with him…at first. As she gets to know her naughty neighbor better, she realizes that there is a whole different side to him…and to herself!

Get your copy today – it’s FREE!


Other people who might enjoy this book

  • Your best friend
  • Your mom
  • Your best friend’s mom
  • Photographers
  • Your neighbor
  • The woman sitting next to you in the waiting room at the gynecologist’s
  • Kim Kardashian (if you could get word to her about this book, that would be great)
  • Oprah (same)
  • The person who gets on the treadmill after you at the gym

“Ms. Bee kept me glued to my Kindle for this short and steamy story. The two lead characters are interesting. Derek is an unapologetic sex-driven male who is easily distracted by Chelsea’s attributes. Chelsea is a woman who was pleasantly surprised that she wasn’t vanilla. Story is a good afternoon read.” – Amazon reviewer




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