About Sara Bee

I’m a 20/30-something California native who has been transplanted to Boston. As a young kid I hated reading because I thought it was incredibly boring; but once I discovered The Babysitter’s Club, Nancy Drew, and Sweet Valley High, it was all over. I was obsessed with books, to the point where 1) Mom had to ask me to STOP reading at the dinner table 2) when Dad went on a business trip I asked for a book as a souvenir and 3) in the second grade I was so engrossed in my book that I didn’t realize silent reading had ended for like, ten minutes.

Eventually I hit that point where I struggled to find more books that I liked, and that’s when I decided – why not write the books I want to read? (Much like reading, I used to loathe writing…turns out I needed a better challenge!) I started with an old laptop of my dad’s, which ran Windows 95 and didn’t have internet access or a functional battery. I managed to churn out one or two “books” every summer from middle school until the summer after my freshman year of college. I loved writing and at the end, even tried to publish one of my books (and came soooo close to getting an agent) but at a certain point I became too busy. It was sad, but I thought writing was a pipe dream anyway, especially compared to my more reliable future career as a healthcare provider.

Fast forward to my last semester of something-in-healthcare school and I discovered there was quite a community of self-publishers on Amazon, especially in erotica! I now had enough free time to write and enough motivation to do so. And so Sara Bee was born!

When I’m not writing or doing something-in-healthcare, I’m eating, running, watching Netflix, playing with makeup, or sleeping.

I want to hear from my readers! Help me now to write the stories that YOU want to read.