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Chelsea Fischer is stuck – literally. Her bathrobe got caught in her front door and now she’s locked outside. But when her attractive but obnoxious neighbor comes to rescue her, she’s less than thrilled.


Daisy Fairmount has worked too hard for too long only to see all of her male colleagues get promoted again and again above her. When a promotion is finally offered to her, it comes at a cost. She just has to let the men of the office do what they want want with her, and she’ll get what she wants….

I highly recommend this story and this author to readers of erotic romance. Be aware that this is an extremely graphic story, so you may not want to read this one at the dentist’s office. 😀 – Amazon reviewer

What a story!! OMG… breathtaking, hot and very heavy. Not what I was expecting but maybe better. Loved the end


Lisa Vaughn has had a crappy month, and the cherry on top is that she’s stuck in the hospital, alone, on Christmas. Bah-freaking-humbug. The one and only silver lining she can find is that her doctor is smoking hot, even if he won’t leave her alone to be miserable in peace.

Dr. Matthew Weiss is a busy trauma surgeon who always volunteers to work Christmas. He doesn’t have a family waiting for him, and he’s not the girlfriend type. That doesn’t mean it’s not a pain, especially when he keeps getting paged to evaluate his one patient who has a smart mouth. A sharp, sarcastic, smart mouth…that for some reason he can’t stop staring at. Oh, yes, there are a few things he could imagine doing with that mouth…

This book is the perfect length when looking for a quick read that won’t take up a lot of your time. The story is well written and the author crammed in a lot of sexiness in such a short amount of time. 💋 – Amazon reviewer

This book was hot. I could not put it down until I finished reading it. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking to read it and aren’t sure if they want to. Trust me, you will love it. – Amazon reviewer


Gita hasn’t thought about her childhood bully in years. That’s why she’s so surprised to find that he’s in her new surgery residency program; what’s worse, he’s sort of her boss. Lucas isn’t happy having Gita as his intern either, but not for the reasons Gita thinks. The two argue about nearly everything but soon their sparring begins to lead to a different type of tension.

This was a good read it took a couple of chapters to get into it but once I did it was a great little read, well written with lots of chemistry between Lucas and Gita I enjoyed it and am looking forward to reading more from Sara in the future – Amazon reviewer

Very fun and charming story! Erotica with a heavy element of romantic comedy and entertaining dialog throughout – especially in the sexy bits! – Alison Osias, erotica author

Amelia is nervous for her first gynecology appointment. Luckily, the sexy Dr. Velez is going to show her just how pleasant the experience can be….

Amazing passion who would think a doctor could give so much pleasure! Great for a Quick, fun and sexy read. – Amazon reviewer


Amelia returns to the gynecologist’s office, hoping to leave as pleased as the last time. Dr. Velez has no intention of disappointing her.

Sara Bee is already becoming one of my favorite authors – discovering her has been an excellent Christmas gift to myself! This installment does not disappoint, and may be even hotter than the last one! – Amazon reviewer